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Chevron photographic exhibition of invertebrates

In mid-November Chevron hosted a photographic exhibition of invertebrates collected during the Barrow Island invertebrate project. As well as featuring a large range of auto-montage photos, the exhibition presented a range of gigantic models of some of the more spectacular species that have been collected. During the proceedings, television personality and naturalist, Dr Harry Butler officially launched the book that has culminated from this project (Gunawardene, N.R., Majer, J.D., Taylor, C. & Harvey, M.S. 2013 The Terrestrial Invertebrate Fauna of Barrow Island, Western Australia). This 400-page volume has been published by the WA Museum and is available direct from them (external website).

Alec Coles, Jonathan Majer, Lyn Beazley, Harry Butler and Colin Beckett

Alec Coles (WA Museum), Jonathan Majer, Lyn Beazley (WA Chief Scientist), Harry Butler and Colin Beckett (Chevron) stand in front of some of the invertebrate photos at the exhibition and book launch

Posted: Dec 15, 2013