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BMI’s Director visits Samarco dam collapse area in Brazil

Jonathan Majer presented to the Federal University of Ouro Preto some ideas for ameliorating and rehabilitating the massive areas along the River Doce that have been scoured out and covered in iron-ore tailings following the dam collapse at the Samarco mine, near Mariana, Minas Gerais state, Brazil. He then made a site visit to Bento Rodrigues, the town that suffered the brunt of the collapse. This presented an awesome sight, with all topsoil and adjacent forest having been scoured out along massive margins of the valley and covering of areas with red silt. This is in addition to the devastating effect on the river ecosystem, which has extended the full length down to its entry to the sea in the state of Espirito Santo. He was disappointed to learn of the Company’s reluctance to fess up to the full environmental impact of this disaster and to hear of government selectively listening to expert opinion on the issues.

Posted: Dec 24, 2015