BioMonitoring International

About BioMonitoring International

BioMonitoring International was formed to satisfy the growing need for expertise in terrestrial invertebrates, which as the eminent scientist E O Wilson once penned, are ‘the little things that run the world’. Invertebrates make up over 95 percent of animal species alive today, so it is not surprising that they have importance in almost every facet of the functioning of our world. Taking invertebrates into consideration in our conservation and development activities is increasingly being recognised as an essential component of environmental management. BioMonitoring International was created to assist developers to do just that.

We have had major involvements in significant national and international projects. Our team specializes in invertebrate surveys and is familiar with Australian and Western Australian Environmental Impact Assessment legislation. Our focus is to assist clients from Western Australia’s resources industry on environmental issues, mine-closure assessments, rehabilitation, and monitoring of sites. In doing so, this contributes towards protecting Australia’s and Western Australia’s biodiversity, balancing development with conservation, and using best-practice environmental management.