BioMonitoring International - Welcome

BioMonitoring International offers and delivers a range of services to our clients with honesty, commitment, and integrity. It focuses on baseline and post-development invertebrate surveys which evaluate environmental health and progress with restoration. It also offers expertise in mine closure assessments and completion criteria. BioMonitoring International prides itself as a respectable, transparent and friendly consultancy company.

BioMonitoring International runs a fully-equipped entomology laboratory, and is ready to undertake surveys in Australia and overseas. Our extensive experience in this area gives us the ability to prioritize the client’s needs, with know-how and best practice.

We can also subcontract to other consulting or resource companies by designing surveys, providing sampling materials and equipment, sorting and identifying the material, analyzing data, and reporting results. Desktop risk analysis of pests, surveillance for non-indigenous invertebrates, and a proof-reading and document quality assessment service can also be provided for our clients.

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